Children of all ages are welcome here at the Bay of Many Coves. However, as we pride ourselves on creating and maintaining a sophisticated and relaxing environment for all of our guests, we ask that you respect this by ensuring that children do not compromise the enjoyment of others.

In particular:

  • The Foredeck restaurant is designed to provide a sophisticated and romantic dining experience. We enjoy entertaining honeymooners and guests celebrating special occasions and anniversaries with us. Because of this we ask that young children not be in the Foredeck Restaurant after 7pm. We are pleased to offer alternative (and perhaps more suitable) evening dining options for children including the Bight Café (prior to 5.30pm), the Kumutage, or Room Service in your apartment.
  • We ask that your children do not run around or through any of our restaurants or cafes at any time. This is for safety reasons as much as it is for the comfort of guests who wish to relax.
  • Also in the interests of safety, please ensure that younger children are supervised at all times, particularly around swimming and spa pools, and near the water.