Luxury Resort Day Spa & Massage Treatments - Marlborough NZ

Settled amongst one of the many coves in the pristine environment of the Marlborough Sounds, the Miritu Spa at Bay Of Many Coves draws inspiration from the Indigenous and European cultures and Mother Nature. Our treatments honour this truly unique destination in New Zealand.

Our luxury treatments are offered by our resident Spa therapist. Indulge yourself by choosing one treatment or combine several for your very own Spa Journey ...

Spa Treatments


    The Meaning Behind Miritu

    Decades ago a gentleman who farmed the bay called the area Miritu. Whilst there is no official Maori translation, local Maori link it with 'hanging cliffs' or 'hanging gardens'.

    Interestingly 'miri' in Maori is 'massage' and 'tu' means standing. You will find 'Miritu' on the Marine Charts in the Kumatage Lounge and Bight Cafe

    Based on Traditional Indigenous Massage
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    Our Miritu Signature Massage is a medium to firm full body treatment incorporating the style of the traditional New Zealand Massage, enhancing deep relaxation and nurturing. With your wellbeing in mind, this style of massage uses long, flowing strokes which brings harmony, balance and healing to your systems.
    - 60 minutes $130


    'Smooth, Silky Skin' Facial with Skin Deep
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    Facials are a therapeutic treat for both ladies and gentlemen. Our facial is an hour of nourishment, relaxation and hydration. A symphony of cleansing, exfoliating, toning and massaging leaving you feeling rejuvenated and ready to face the world with a healthy glow.
    - 60 minutes $145
    - 90 minutes $205

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    A nurturing and deeply relaxing spa treatment, which takes full benefit of the pain and tension relieving effects of heat. Smooth, heated volcanic river stones warm you up right to the core while rhythmic massage techniques and infused oils put your mind and body at ease.
    - 45 minutes $105
    - 60 minutes $140
    - 90 minutes $195


    'Soothing and Calming' Relaxation Massage
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    A firm yet gentle full body massage that relieves tension through consistent pressure and promotes relaxation through long connective strokes with harmonious rhythm and flow. Aroma-infused oils are applied to further enhance relaxation during your massage experience.
    - 60 minutes $130


Combination Treatments

  • KATOA CURE - Holistic Back, Face & Scalp Treatment

    Back Exfoliation & Relaxing Back Massage, Facial and Scalp Massage
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    Awaken your senses with this all-embracing experience beginning with a deep cleansing back exfoliation, which is followed by a relaxing back massage. For total relaxation the treatment continues with a Skin Deep facial combining a face and head massage, bringing powerful de-stressing benefits to mind and body.
    - 90 minutes $210


    'Vinotherapie' Body Exfoliation, Massage and Wrap
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    Your senses will be awakened and memories evoked by this decadent 'vinotherapie' journey. Escape with a luxurious Champagne Foot Soak overlooking Miritu Bay. Surrender to a 'vinotherapie' scrub, then your choice of bouquet – Chardonnay or Pinot Noir, as you are enveloped in a warm body mask, rich in mineral clays, botanicals and humectants full of detoxifying properties. Allow your body to enter a quiet state with a relaxation massage. Indulge your senses with the tantalising taste of Taittinger, a perfect finalé to this wine lovers journey.
    - 120 minutes $250


    Focus Massage, Mini Facial & Express Manicure or Pedicure
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    This very focussed treatment concentrates on the client's specific needs and attention to areas of discomfort. The therapist's expert manipulation relieves pain and helps loosen muscle tension. Followed with an express facial to enliven and nourish the skin, you will leave refreshed with the final touches to your hands or feet.
    - 90 minutes $215

Skin Deep Products

The products used by our therapist here at Miritu Spa at the Bay of Many Coves are available to take home.

Please ask our resident therapist or at reception for current prices


Miritu Men


    Men's Facial
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    This facial, specific for men's skin concerns, utilises Kiwifruit enzyme – for deep exfoliation - UMF Manuka Honey for anti-inflammatory and skin-protecting properties. Let your skin be cleansed and exfoliated with an invigorating yet gentle massage, easing tension in combination with the 'kiwi mask' to rebalance, soothe and rehydrate. The final moisture therapy leaves skin restored, balanced and with a euphoric feeling of health.
    - 60 minutes $145


    Men's Back Exfoliation and Hot Stone Massage + Mini Facial
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    Simple rocking movements along your body's energy meridians offer deep relaxation that soothes the body into instant well being. A facial cleanse, a deep shoulder and scalp massage is performed to transport you back to the present, and feeling recharged having empowered your warrior within.
    - 90 minutes $205


    Foot and Leg Treatment, Neck and Shoulder Massage
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    This invigorating aromatherapy treatment based on Swedish massage techniques is designed to increase circulation and warm the muscles using essential oils of lavender, ginger and peppermint. This massage is appropriate before and after exercise to prevent strains and relieve muscular aches and pains.
    - 60 minutes $130


    Pedicure designed with the men in mind.
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    A luxurious foot treatment to help prevent the build-up of hard skin and calluses. Your therapist will work on the cuticles and nails and finish with a relaxing foot massage.
    - 75 minutes $140


Hands and Feet


    Treat Your Feet
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    Perfect after a long flight or a walk around the beautiful Queen Charlotte Track. We start with an aroma infused footbath followed by a foot scrub and firm massage, restoring circulation and relieving tension in feet and lower legs. While a special wrap cleanses and softens, your face and scalp receive a soothing massage, leaving not only your feet but also your whole being feeling revitalized.
    - 60 minutes $125


    Bay of Many Coves Manicure
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    Begin with a soothing warm towel compress to ease away tension in your hands. Let the therapist pay fine detail to your hands and fingernails. Following on with a light hand and forearm exfoliation, a nourishing mask is then applied. Then surrender to a relaxing massage. Your hands and nails are highlighted by the colour of your choice.
    - 60 minutes $125
    - 75 minutes $150 (with French Polish)


    Bay of Many Coves Pedicure
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    Let your tired feet firstly submit to a warm and relaxing foot soak then soothing foot scrub. Meticulous attention will be paid to your toenails and feet following on with a rich moisture mask. Relax and unwind to a soothing massage easing tension out of your feet and legs. Your nails are highlighted by a colour of your choice.
    - 60 minutes $125
    - 75 minutes $150 (with French Polish)

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    Just need some colour? Add a bit of colour onto one of your chosen treatments with our OPI range of nail lacquer – toenails or fingernails.
    - OPI Lacquer: $15 toes or fingers or do the full set for just $25
    - French Polish: $25 toes or fingers or do the full set for just $35


Ear Treatment


    Full Body Exfoliation, Facial, Hand and Foot Treatment
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    It is the Hopi Indians of North-East Arizona that lend their name to the treatment. They used candles in medicinal ceremonies and initiations to clear negative energies from the head and aura. Enjoy the soft crackle of the Ear candle flame and a deeply relaxing face and scalp massage. Treat yourself to this intensively pleasant experience and gain harmony and peace of mind. Hopi Ear Candles can be curative for tinnitus, compacted earwax and glue ear along with sore throats and hay fever, headaches and migraines.
    - 45 minutes $110


Waxing Treatment


    - Half leg wax $45
    - Full leg wax $60


Voyages Through The Sounds

When added to another Treatment or create your own spa journey ...

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    Replenishing Manuka Honey products are chosen to suit your individual skin type, to leave your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, an ideal skin booster for those short on time.
    - 30 minutes $85

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    This simple and effective massage helps loosen the muscles and relieves stress.
    - 30 minutes $75

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    An ancient massage technique based on the Indian Ayurvedic healing system. It is a safe, simple, yet very effective holistic therapy that promotes hair growth and relieves stress related problems such as headaches, eyestrain, neck and shoulder stiffness.
    - 30 minutes $75


    - Eyelash Tint $35
    - Eyebrow Tint $25
    - Lash & Brow $45

Other Treatments may be available on request



Spa treatments can be arranged during your stay or view our current spa package > Back to Nature Spa Retreat